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Her Main Goal: To provide high-quality home care medical/non-medical preventive services to seniors and persons with disabilities in the Vero Beach and Treasure coast area of Florida.

  • Cambrea has many years of CNA experience, and she is highly educated. Her highest level of education is a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelors in Health Information Informatics Management. She hopes to receive her PHD later in life.


  • Cambrea, has always been dedicated to serving and caring for people, even as a young child. She took mission trips for summer vacation instead of camp with friends to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. There is where she served people that are less fortunate than she was. As a child she always walked in her purpose, her childhood friends considered her the mom of the pack because she would always express her concerns for others. Cambrea helped her mother care for her dying grandmother, Emily Hunt but they called her "Grandma Fee-Fee, that's how she came about the name of her forever growing company. Cambrea loves people, everyone that may come in contact with her has an experience, she's someone that you just can't help but love. And that is the love she teaches her caregivers and pour into the lives that this company will touch.

  • Grandma Fee-Fee's wishes were to stay in her own home as she declined and eventually she passed away. Never putting her in a nursing home or ALF, (assisted living). Throughout college Cambrea served people. She would go to school during the day and work at night, not by force but by choice. She owned her purpose in life, and she wants to help families in tough times, difficult but yet unpreventable circumstances find peace.

  • Cambrea loss her father May 5th, 2018 it was tough year for her but that experience allows her to connect on a deeper level in terms of her clients. Cambrea knows how to make the end of life comfortable for loved ones. She sat and ate lunch every single day with her father for two months. They shared many meaningful conversation's and laughs. Her father did not want the end to be memories of sadness but of laughter. That is how she remembers him. Cambrea wants all families to have someone they can lean on in a time of need. She believes one on one connections is the best connection to have. She realizes that every family deserves to have someone who will wholeheartedly care for their loved ones in time of need and not worry are they being treated with love respect and dignity until the end. 

  • She personally hand picks her caregivers that works for this company. Her motto is hire slow, but fire fast. Her hiring process is very strategic. She desires to only hire those that agree to uphold the missions and vision of her company. She understands what it takes to keep clients and their families happy. Working on both ends of the business gave her a bigger picture. She knows exactly what it takes to provide families with a peace of mind all while providing quality care.


"You Have Two Hands, One To Help Yourself The Second To Help Others" 

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